A Personal Health Train implementation

Railway implements a privacy preserving distributed infrastructure as proposed by the Personal Health Train. It allows researchers to run a catalog of apps created by the community to pose and validate hypotheses on any number of health institutions. The platform aims to share health data responsibly and helps data owners, app creators and researchers find each other.
Users of Railway have to adhere to terms of use which can be found here : Terms of Use.

Data owner

  • Easy data ingestion using FAIR tooling

  • Full control over your data

  • Be rewarded for sharing

App creator

  • Quickly create your app by extending open standard trains

  • Clear API and documentation

  • Be rewarded for sharing


  • Improve model quality by externally validation

  • Choose apps from a library

  • Quickly find the data you need



Though the desire to become FAIR has become popular in the healthcare industry, progress often strands at the theoretical stage. We facilitate putting FAIR into practice using semantic web technology.

Large Scale analysis

It can be a pain to scale research code from working on examples to running it for large data. MDW combines our in-house software with your code to run the analysis for you.

Research Software

Research code is often produced to be discarded after results are achieved. MDW can convert research code to reusable libraries to prevent new researchers having to reinvent the wheel.

Image analysis

Imaging research often entails sorting, editing and transferring DICOM images. We can share our experience on using DICOM in research and clinical practice.