Railway Security

A Personal Health Train implementation

Medical Data Works's Railway service implements a privacy preserving federated infrastructure as proposed by the Personal Health Train. The main principle of the Personal Health Train is to bring questions to the data rather than moving data. This concept is called Federated Learning.

In this section, the security of Railway is discussed.


The Personal Health Train metaphor defines the following components:

  • Station: An information system that contains sensitive data, such as from patients. Typically a hospital or registry provides a Station.
  • Train: Software that encodes a question to be asked to a Station and outputs anonymous, statistical data. Typically a university or a company provides a Train.
  • Track: Software and infrastructure that allow Trains to enter Stations and ask questions. Medical Data Works B.V. provides the Track.
Below is a video that explains the Personal Health Train.

Personal Health Train on Vimeo.

Security Principles

Medical Data Works has setup a security framework for projects using Railway with the following principles: WORK IN PROGRESS